• Online game user privacy protection and personal information utilization policy

      Privacy Policy Description


      [Note] In accordance with the Interim Provisions for Online Game Management and the Required Provisions for Formatting Agreement of Online Game Services (hereinafter referred to as "Required Provisions") formulated by the Ministry of Culture, this policy is formulated to protect the privacy rights of online game users (hereinafter referred to as "users") and standardize the use of personal information of online game users.

      Please read all the following carefully.

      If users do not agree with any content of this policy, please do not register or use the services of Shenzhen Tanyu Interactive Science and Culture Co., Ltd. If the user enters the registration program and chooses "I have read and agreed to the User Agreement", it means that the user has reached an agreement with Shenzhen Tanyu Interactive Science and Culture Co., Ltd. and other cooperative operators (hereinafter referred to as "Tanyu Company") and voluntarily accepts all the contents of this policy. Thereafter, users shall not make any defense without reading the contents of this policy. Respect for user privacy is a basic policy of Tanyu. "Privacy" refers to the personal identity information provided to the company by the user when registering the game passport account, including the name in the user's registration data, the number of valid personal identity card, and the contact method.

      Family address, etc. Tanyu company has always actively taken reasonable measures such as technology and management to ensure the security and effectiveness of user accounts. Tanyu company will use the collected information in good faith, take effective and necessary measures to protect your privacy and security, and use commercially reasonable security technical measures to protect your privacy from unauthorized access, use or leakage.

      Due to business requirements, Tanyu company needs to share user registration information with Tanyu company's affiliated company. Tanyu company and the aforementioned affiliated company promise to use their personal information in good faith. Tanyu company will not disclose or share the name, valid personal identification number, contact method, family address and other individuals in user registration information to any other party except the aforementioned affiliated company

      Identity information, except in the following cases:

      (1) The user or guardian authorizes Tanyu Company to disclose;

      (2) The relevant laws require Tanyu Company to disclose;

      (3) The judicial or administrative organs, on the basis of statutory procedures, require Tanyu Company to provide them;

      (4) When Tanyu company brings a lawsuit or arbitration to the user in order to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests;

      (5) Providing user's personal identity information according to the legal requirements of the guardian of the user.

      (6) User's geographical location or map information authorizes Tanyu Company to disclose.

      (7) The declaration will record the number of the mobile phone that the user voluntarily fills in for authentication.

      (8) Declare that authentication requires a third-party interface to be invoked, but ensure that private information is not disclosed.

      Special Note: This policy applies only to online game users using Tanyu Online Game Services.